Solution for Private Banks

Confidentiality is at the heart of the relationship between a private banker and his clients. However, by giving your customers access to your e-banking platform (for reporting, passing order, etc. via your website), you expose their identities on the Internet. TrustComs brings you an efficient and quick to implement solution with which you can guarantee your customers a perfect level of confidentiality necessary for your business.


What threatens confidentiality?

Telecom operators (ISPs, mobile operators...) are able to list your clients who connect to your e-banking platform. Indeed, in almost all countries, these operators are obliged to keep the history of their subscribers' Internet connections: who, which visited websites, when, how long, amount of data exchanged...

The operator sees and records each request of your customers, despite the fact that your website is protected by SSL (the famous 'https'): SSL encryption hides the content of a communication but not the communication itself. While these records may not legally prove that Mr X is your customer, who else but your customers do connect to your e-banking platform?

These records, considered by operators as an administrative burden without strategic value, are poorly protected and easily accessible by the internal staff of the operator and by the numerous consultants who work there. Leakage risks are real as evidenced by regular cases.


What are the risks for the bank?

Uncontrolled disclosure of lists of your clients? Who knows what could make of them governments, tax authorities, pressure groups, journalists or even criminal groups?

The first affected, your customers, may turn against you: even if the risk is exogenous, didn’t the bank, aware of that risk, fail in its duty of advising its clients?

If the leak becomes publicly known, the commercial consequences for the bank could become serious. A downgraded professional image, insufficient measures to ensure confidentiality, existing customers leaving, loss of prospects...


How to prevent these risks?

Some private banks, aware of the risk, have developed customized solutions which turn out to be "false good solutions". The problem is technically more complex than it seems.

The Confidentiality Gateway is the first solution on the market dedicated to Private Banking which ensures the confidentiality of the e-banking platforms. As an appliance or a web service (Software As A Service - SAAS), it is built around three pillars:

  • A 100% secured platform taking into account the business and regulatory specificities of Private Banking.
  • A solution simple and transparent for your customers, independent from their terminal (PC, smartphone, tablet...).
  • A solution fast to implement on the bank side which does not require any change in your web platform.


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