Solution for defence, security and government agencies

To protect the identity of users of a website or a web service (vpn...) is a necessity for many defence, security or state agencies. However, the traces that people leave on Internet and particularly among telecom operators are sufficient to identify them, potentially on a large scale and over years generally. If this is a problem for you, the TrustComs solution is a must-have, bringing you a centralized protection at your website level to guarantee the confidentiality of the communications with your users.


What threatens confidentiality?

Telecom operators (ISPs, mobile operators...) are able to list your clients who connect to your web site or service. Indeed, in almost all countries, these operators are obliged to keep the history of their subscribers' Internet connections: who, which visited websites, when, how long, amount of data exchanged...

The operator sees and records each request of your users, even if your site or service is protected by encryption (with 'https' or equivalent): encryption hides the content of a communication but not the communication itself. Who connects to your confidential service (and gets logged by operators), if not precisely the ones for which you want to protect the identity?

These records, considered by operators as an administrative burden without strategic value, are poorly protected and easily accessible by the internal staff of the operator and by the numerous consultants who work there. Leakage risks are real as evidenced by regular cases.


Which needs for my organization?

The TrustComs solution reinforces the confidentiality of Internet communications and can be used in many scenarios. For instance:

  • To strengthen the confidentiality of remote access (web, VPN...) of your employees to fight against piracy and industrial espionage.

    State, defence and security agencies are prime targets as far as economic espionage and hacking are concerned. Particularly, employees with remote access are a weak link because they are less protected and monitored. Their traceability on the net help to reveal their identity and even more (IP addresses, connection habits...), which represents a great advantage and a significant step forward for pirates. The Trusted Web Service solution will efficiently prevent you from these risks, by adding an extra level of security on top of existing layers.

  • To protect the identity of your users to ensure their freedom of expression and information.

    To protect the anonymity of the users of your web site or service may also be one of your priorities, for example to protect users of certain countries and preserve their freedoms of expression and information. The Trusted Web Service can centrally guarantee the confidentiality of their access to your web site, without requiring any technical skill or special knowledge from the Internet user.


A centralized and efficient protection.

The Confidentiality Gateway is the first solution on the market to allow a centralized protection, at the website level, of the confidentiality of Internet connections. As an appliance or a web service (Software As A Service - SAAS), it is built around three pillars:

  • A 100% secured platform taking into account your specific business and regulatory environment.
  • A solution simple and transparent for your customers, independent from their terminal (PC, smartphone, tablet...).
  • A solution fast to implement which does not require any change in your web platform.

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