Confidentiality Gateway

The Confidentiality Gateway is a unique security solution to protect the privacy of your users connecting to your web site or service. A true anonymizing and trivializing gateway, it blinds internet third-parties which continuously record the details of your users' internet connections (telcos, ISPs, mobile operators...). Thanks to the Confidentiality Gateway, your users can use your site as usual but with a greater feeling of confidence, our solution coming in addition to your existing security measures and being 100% compatible with them.

Download the brochure: Confidentiality Gateway - for e-banking


An efficient and light solution

Proposed as an appliance or as a web service (Software As A Service - SAAS), the Confidentiality Gateway is:

  • A simple and transparent solution for your customers, whatever their device (PC, smartphone, tablet...) and their browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari...).
  • A non-intrusive solution that requires no change in your web platform. Your infrastructure remains independent of our solution, and your customers can still access your website directly.
  • A solution fast to implement. Test and implementation are possible in parallel to your production site (no service interruption), and the work is mostly up to us.
  • A solution as a subscription. No big investment here, the sizing of our solution is adapted to the risk we protect against.


A unique solution

Existing technologies on the market (proxy, reverse proxy, vpn (ssl), tor / onion routing...) only partly address the constraints and risks associated with anonymizing connections. To meet the needs of organizations who want to protect the confidentiality of their users / customers, we have designed a unique, innovative and patented solution.


Benefits on risks

  • To ensure confidentiality. Your customers / users accessing your site are no longer traceable by third parties.

  • To protect information. No client data is stored by our solution; connection and authentication remain 100% under your control.
  • To increase security. Our solution brings an additional security layer to your website, in addition to your own technical means.


Commercial advantages

  • To strengthen your image. At the forefront for security and confidentiality, your organization is seen as innovative and safe. This valuing message touches all your users / customers, including those not using your website.

  • To increase your website's return on investment. With a connection 100% confidential, your users will feel safer and are encouraged to connect more often. In a commercial context, this becomes a lever to densify the relationship with your customers and to increase their loyalty.