"The ennemies of internet": governements and public companies who spy your internet connexions

March 12, 2013

The annual report from the non-gouvernemental organization Reporters Without Borders (www.rsf.org) is entitled "The ennemies of internet - special edition: surveillance". It highlights the worst governments who fully spy their citizens over internet: email, skype, website surf, etc. (editor's note: OCDE governments also do it, but in a less visible and intrusive way). This is all well known.

A more interesting part is their description of western public companies actively involved in creating and selling the right hardware/software to do it. Such businesses are no more confidential and hidden. Instead, it has become nowadays just a normal and unregulated activity: just come and see, and you'll come back with your nice monitoring software. Of course, it is your own responsibility to use it in a fair and legal way - this is what all these companies say...

- English: http://surveillance.rsf.org/en/
- French: http://surveillance.rsf.org