About Us

Aa a software editor, we also deliver managed services worldwide. Our areas of expertise - network, security, internet - are strengthened by a serie of value-added services including auditing, training, partnership development with other editors. A recognized actor with a high degree of expertise and technical know-how, our goal is to become the security solutions provider of reference for our customers and partners, while committing ourselves to work globally "for a trusted Internet".
TrustComs does not just sell products and services; we use different technologies and use them in a pragmatic way to meet the specific needs of our customers. We are proud of this unique approach, while being the closest possible to our customers in order to understand their business and challenges. This approach allows us to define the tools that solve their problems. By working in partnership with our customers, we remain at the forefront of the trends that guide their activities, allowing us to assist them in developing their business.
Passion, flexibility, listening, innovation and commitment: we make these five values ours every day.