Trusted communications makes trusted business. At TrustComs, we have created innovative software dedicated to secure and protect the confidendiality of communications - web, vpn, phone. Combining technical expertise and business knowledge, we are able to provide solutions tailored to your business and your specific needs.

Protecting your customers and their privacy

For many companies, to protect their website or its associated services (remote access...) means to protect their web servers themselves. A necessary step, but insufficient for some activities or businesses. Some organizations have indeed requirements in terms of confidentiality of access, protection of their customers or remote users, or against industrial espionage. These organizations must consider the risks all along the chain from the user's web browser to their web servers, and notably the risks associated with Internet connections themselves.

Risks on you and on your clients that are related to Internet connections themselves and to telecom operators are too often ignored. Far from being theoretical, these risks are real and their likelihood and their consequences are increasingly marked: tracing of the full history of your customers online, disclosure of their identity, identity theft, espionage, hacking... To give you a concrete view of the reality and to show how lucrative has become the identity theft business on Internet, we have created a feed of market news related to this subject - i.e. real facts (click here for more info).

Thanks to our long experience, we offer solutions to mitigate these risks to several industry sectors particularly exposed: